#ATLdevo: 10/18/16



Dwelling With Him

Scripture: My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” Your face, Lord, I will seek. -Psalms 27:8

Power Chapter: Psalm 27

If you’re struggling with anxiety or feeling distant from God, Psalm 27 is a great, great place to sit. Read it, repeat it out loud, doodle it in the corners of your journal and the corners of your mind. If you had just one wish, would it be to get closer to God? Would it be to move in with Him? The Holy Spirit has moved into your heart, and you have an open invitation to relocate all you hold dearest and your very self into the heart of God. Can you imagine yourself packing up all your things to move to God’s house? Take a moment and picture yourself moving away from every worry and insecurity, and spending a weekend there as if it were a B&B you could rent online. More restful than a vacation is the permanent relocation of your heart into God’s perfect peace and love. You can go there anytime you want, and you’re encouraged to stay. Dig into His word and gaze on His beauty. It will be your reality in heaven, and Jesus prayed “on earth as it is in heaven,” so take a moment to let your soul agree today.

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