Phylla House is a Christ-centered ministry with a mission to promote inner healing, creative worship, and exponential discipleship. We are part of the CODE Ministries family, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

We envision our community houses all over the globe, which will host inner healing sessions, worship events, and teachings to equip believers.
“…and the leaves {phylla} of the tree are for the healing of the nations.” Revelation 22:2




Phylla House Refuge
{this is the program we’re known for!}


Refuge is a six-month program aimed to embrace women who are divorced, widows, and single mothers during their healing journey. It meets once a week and it’s a great opportunity to build friendships, get encouragement, and learn relevant Biblical teachings on the topics of story, identity, forgiveness, grieving, serving, and healing.

Sozo Inner Healing 

Sozo means “to be made whole” in Greek. This is a unique inner healing session purposed to uproot any hindrances to a personal relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The #ATLdevo

A Tree of Life Devotional is written daily by our Founder and Director, Helena Jordão, as a tool for developing intimacy and spending intentional quality time in the Presence of God. It’s geared to encourage, challenge, inspire creativity, reveal fresh truths, and break out of the silly boxes that limit our faith. It’ll be starting back in January 2016! Meanwhile, you can purchase the published devotionals in BOOK FORM here.

Phylla House Pivot

Pivot is a 6, 12, or 18-month residential discipleship program for single young women who are transitioning in life. Whether fresh out of high school, college, grad school, or the mission field, Pivot is a unique opportunity to live with other Kingdom-minded women while receiving mentoring, ministry training (in inner healing and creative worship), and working locally. Discovering what’s next doesn’t need to be unstable; it can be a pivot, firmly balanced on Christ. Pivot is still in dream stage, so reach out if you’re interested!


Phylla House was started by Helena Jordão, who has walked through the healing of a divorce and was called by Jesus into women’s ministry in 2012. She’s been networking with women and ministry leaders all over the world, and has spoken in ten countries about healing, redemption, and restoration in Christ. She has walked alongside many women through their transitions and struggles, pointing them to Jesus and into a deeper level of joy, trust, and discipleship. Click here to read more of her story.

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