Phylla House is a Christ-centered ministry for women who are or have been divorced, widows, and single mothers. Our mission is to promote long-term community, discipleship, and Kingdom activation in a healing environment.

“…and the leaves {phylla} of the tree are for the healing of the nations.” -Revelation 22:2

This ministry is currently staffed by a small army of God-appointed healers who are available to minister over the phone or in person, depending on the location. If you’d like to get a call from our team, we’d love to hear your story and pray with you. Send us a call request here.

Phylla House was started by Helena Jordão, who has walked through the healing of a divorce and was called by Jesus into women’s ministry in 2012.

She’s been networking with women and ministry leaders all over the world, and has spoken in ten countries about healing, redemption, and restoration in Christ. She has walked alongside many women through their transitions and struggles, pointing them to Jesus and into a deeper level of joy, trust, and discipleship.

-REFUGE: local healing six-month program, meeting weekly. Upcoming groups in the USA, Central America, Africa, and Asia. Groups will be launching in the Fall of 2015.

Upcoming internship opportunities for women in 2015: Develop leadership skills in a healing ministry setting, live in community with other interns, host groups, and work part-time locally. Live out the gospel, step into your calling, develop your gifts, and bring healing to the nations. Applications will be available in the Spring of 2015.

Here’s an excerpt of Helena’s story…

My life turned upside down after my divorce. The things I thought would last forever ended. I held tight to the Lord as He held on to me, and I heard His call to missions. I quit my government job, sold all my belongings, and set off around the world with a backpack on the World Race.

ugandaLittle did I know that God wanted to use my seemingly messy story in the coolest, most humbling way. This is proof that Jesus is truly Redeemer, that He turns widows into mothers and orphans into queens… and now He is turning a healed person into a healer. He actually called me Mighty Healer… can you imagine the King of Kings giving me that name? I carry His Spirit inside me, and that is what He longs to do through me. God chooses weak and the lowly things, because He sure did choose me.

He led me on a trip around the world, where I was able to preach in many churches, teach all ages, counsel former street children, dance like an undignified fool, hold tiny newborn babies, pray over pregnant bellies, sing in languages I don’t speak, comfort sobbing widows, kiss mamas on the cheek, and rock special needs babies to sleep.

Tanzanian OrphanageNow Jesus is  leading me into a ministry that embraces people wherever they are in their process and moves them forward into the greatness the Lord has for them. They bond in community, worship, prayer, classes, counseling, local service, and international missions. Lives changed, mostly their own, in finding tangible grace and comfort in the arms of Christ. Their Valleys of Achor [Trouble] turned into doors of hope (Hosea 2:15).

What a better way to demonstrate the gospel than to testify that God’s promises are true, that I’ve seen His goodness, that His Spirit changed me, healed me, and that abundant life is available to all who call on Him?

I pray a double portion over all who suffered loss and grief, who didn’t have a good support system, who went looking for eternal things in the temporary and were hurt and disappointed. You are not ruined by your story! You are not abandoned or forgotten or unloved. There’s nothing that someone did to you or that you’ve done wrong that lies outside of God’s power to redeem and forgive. Those chapters of your life do not dictate the rest of the story. Jesus, in perfect faithfulness and love, is able to do more than you can imagine.

Much love,


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