cropped-HEADER-FOR-WEB-01.jpgPhylla House is a Christ-centered ministry for women who are or have been divorced, widows, and single mothers. Our mission is to promote long-term community, discipleship, and Kingdom activation in a healing environment. We are part of CODE Ministries.

“…and the leaves {phylla} of the tree are for the healing of the nations.” Revelation 22:2


Embracing: we are preparing to train leaders, who will lead local groups. We want you to have a local Phylla House to attend once a week and enjoy worship, teachings, counseling, friendship, and hugs, lots of good hugs.

Engaging: we want to be partnered with local ministries, so that we can point you to ways to serve and use your incredible gifts. You are the hands and feet of Jesus.

Empowering: we want to walk you through a six-month curriculum, to build up your roar. We hope you’ll come through knowing more about how to tell a story, identity, forgiveness, grieving, outreach, and healing. That’s some good stuff to go over in your transition.

Encouraging: we have social media (fb, twitter, insta, pinterest) and a devotional going (#ATLdevo), and we want to put some relatable posts out there for you to see. And can we just say that the Pinterest board is awesome? It is awesome. Subscribe, follow us, like, hop on alongside us. Helena is also available to talk to you, if you’re up for it. Send her a call request here, and she’ll call you, hear your story, pray for you, and speak truth over you.

Encountering: we want to take you to other places for a little bit, on short-term mission trips, to visit other Phylla Houses and their local ministries. Where? Let’s just say everywhere. As we grow, you’ll have more options and trips available to choose from.

Watch and pray as we move forward obediently with this vision.


Phylla House was started by Helena Jordão, who has walked through the healing of a divorce and was called by Jesus into women’s ministry in 2012. She’s been networking with women and ministry leaders all over the world, and has spoken in ten countries about healing, redemption, and restoration in Christ. She has walked alongside many women through their transitions and struggles, pointing them to Jesus and into a deeper level of joy, trust, and discipleship. Click here to read more of her story.

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