Dreams come true.

A powerful, life-changing, inspiring retreat. — Andrea S.
An incredible, peaceful atmosphere from the moment I walked in. — Amanda H.
This house is a gift from God! — Retreat Participant

The Story

It started long before the red door, but let's start the story here. In 2012, the Lord gave me a prophetic dream of a house with a red door. It was detailed. I told everybody. In 2021, my family moved into the house with the red door. God totally provided it. Now we get to use the house for ministry and cover its walls with testimonies of the power and beauty of King Jesus. He still heals. He still delivers. He still saves. He's coming back soon. He named this ministry from Revelation 22:2b, "and the leaves (phylla) of the tree are for the healing of the nations" so healing it is. He is a Mighty Healer. He gives dreams and fulfills them. Let's make room and make way for the King. With Love, Helena Keasler

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